21st Century Scholars Tuition Scholarship Application

This application is for qualifying 21st Century Scholars.
If you are unsure of your 21st Century Scholar status, please follow this website to check the
requirements scholars.in.gov or call Jennifer Plumlee, Executive Director, Center for Academic Success and Engagement at 317.955.6376.

For all questions also please do not hesitate to call Jennifer at 317.955.6376 or email jplumlee@marian.edu.
Applications are due October, 15th 2019.

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Interview Selection

The next phase of the 21st Century Full Tuition Application process is an in person interview.
We host interview days for our scholars on Marian University's campus. Please choose three interview dates and times from the options below that would work for you to travel to campus for an interview. Please allow for a one hour interview.

If none of the following dates and times work for you, please contact Jennifer Plumlee, Executive Director, Center for Academic Success and Engagement, directly to set up a convenient interview time.

Phone: 317.955.6376

Essay Questions

Please answer the following questions. Please keep your word limit in between 250-300 words.

Explain why you are interested in attending Marian University and discuss how your interest in your chosen field/major developed.

Marian University’s Franciscan values are an integral part of the campus community. Please describe how the Franciscan value of peace and justice resonates with you and how you plan to apply this value at Marian University.

Clarify two educational goals you have set for yourself as a 21st Century Scholar at Marian University. Explain what actions you need to take in order to accomplish your goals.

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